Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solids and Swimming and Super Moms, OH MY!

I am horrible at this blog! I really want it to be a glimpse into Emma's first year, but then actual life gets in the way and I go AWOL for a while.
She's is growing up so fast, I can't believe that she's already 6 months old. She has started to push up on her hands and knees, and is getting super close to crawling!!!!! I had David baby proof when I was visiting Indiana, so we're all ready for that day when she becomes mobile! Well, our cabinets are ready. I am not sure if my emotions are! Emma is also well into eating solid food, and even said Mama yesterday! I wasn't here for the first time, but I still got Mama!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!
Emma has become a real water bug lately. She loves the pool and putting her toes in the ocean! The near perfect weather here makes it easy to take her outside to play, introduce her to trees and flowers and the wildfire constantly burning behind our house. Plus, there are so mnay bunnies running around, it's pratcically Teletubby land out here. I love that ther is so much for me to take her to see around here- Sea World, Disneyland, down to the marina to watch the sailboats.
Over the past couple months, I have been adjusting to life here on base, which is part of the reason that I have been ignoring the blog. There are some days when I just get so angry that I cannot bring myself to put it down in writing. The lower enlisted housing is actually very nice, however the people leave much to be desired. There's Mr. and Mrs. We Need to Fight in the Parking Lot, The Tin Foil, Allergic to the Sun people, and Mr. I Must Rev My Motorcycle Every Day, not to mention the fact that NO ONE talks to anyone else around here. I have tried numerous times to talk to my neighbors and they look at me like I just sprouted an antennae and am about to take off in a charcoal grill. It is hard being so much older than everyone too. I really miss my family and friends back in Indiana, and am beginning to doubt whether I'll actually find anyone to make a real connection with. I love our neighbors to the right, but he's deploying in a few months and she's going home, so I need to find more people to talk to!
The other issue I ahve with making friends is that I have always marched to the ebat of my own drum. I get "there is the crazy woman" looks when I'm outside with 3D glasses on making chalk drawings with Emma, or blowing bubbles for her, or taking her on walks and tlakign to her. People act like it's a crime to let your child experience life instead of plopping them down in front of the TV. I'm not going to apologize for turning off the TV and letting Emma make chalk drawings, catch bubbles, and have unlimited amounts of naked time every day! I may have a different parenting style than these people, but Emma will not be afraid to be herself, spinning in circles until she falls over in the front yard! It is time to take life a little less seriously! Do a cannonball into the pool! Make a chalk drawing, go down a curly slide, or dive into a ball pit. Being an adult and taking care of my family does not mean becoming old before my time (or ever!). OSmeitmes being a good parent means getting down and dirty with the kids. To quote my favourite web comic "We are the grown ups now and we get to decide what that means!"