Friday, September 11, 2009


I was 15 years old 8 years ago today. Sitting in ISTEP, and then glued to the television for the rest of the day. I'vehad conversations on this day every year since then about where I was , what happened, what we all felt. I had an uncle in one of the towers, but he made it out. I have noticed that we all feel a need to connect to that tragedy, and while I have had friends who do not approve of the need to make that connection, I believe that it is neccesary to reaffirm why our country is continuing to fight the war against terrorism. And I for one do not care what the President says, we are still fighitng that war and we will be for many years to come. I am still struggling to udnerstand his stance on the War on Terror, maybe it is because I am much closer to the people that are fighting that war than President Obama has ever been, and possibly will ever be.

I did not have any clue that eight years later I would be watching the footage again on tv, not in my second eyar Spanish class, but in my living room. The major difference in my life is that now I am a military wife, and sitting under my tv is my daughter. She is my world and she is the next generation, reason that her daddy will leave soon to fight the war that was, for the most part, begun on that day. She has no idea why I look so sad as I watch the tv, and she goes on tossing blocks around the room.
She is the reason that I am so passionate about protecting our country. She is the reason I get so angry when The President and our government belittle this war, the men and women that fight it, and underestimate the danger to this country. Just in case any of them ever see this, please read on. President Obama, put politics aside, stop thinking about your next election or whether you will be in that office next term. Think about your children, my daughter, and this country's future. I hear you talking about freedom and change for all Americans, but none of this will be possible without first protecting this country and our freedoms. Please remember those who died on this day and who have died since. Please do not make it so they have died in vain.