Saturday, March 14, 2009

For some reason Blogger has not been letting me log in, but I'm back full force now that it's decided to work!
My parents just left for Indiana. I did not want them to leave, it was nice to have people around when I woke up every morning! My mom got my house organized in less than 24 hours. She is a human cleaning machine! It definitely made the moving in process a lot easier. Being close to my parents has made moving both hard and easy. living this far away is hard, but I know that they will come visit often and I'll do my best to go there. I don't miss anything about Muncie the town, but I miss the people. I wish I could have packed them all up and taken them with me!
Moving with Emma was an adventure that I'm glad we had, but not one I'd repeat soon. And next time, we're making sure that everything gets on the truck! In that lights, I would like to present the following:

Claire's 10 Tips for Military Moving
1. Make sure everything gets on the truck or your car will look like it belongs in a National Lampoon movie.
2. Stay at the same hotel chain every night- it's a great way to earn free hotels stays for vacation!
3. Become a AAA member. Their free TripTiks and guidebooks for memebers are indispensible on long trips and AAA discounts can save a lot of money.
4. Check for military discounts everywhere. You never know until you ask.
5. If time allows, stop at national landmarks and cheesy tourist traps. They can be fun and cheap ways to make family memories.
6. If you're out west, travel Route 66.
7. Find out about base hotels before you arrive. They're cheap, clean, and usually nicer than a civillian extended stay.
8. Come prepared with a roadtrip bag- games, music, puzzles, books, etc. Once boredom sets in, there's no turning back, especially with kids.
9. Always have a road emergency kit- you buy a basic one at the store, then add oil, coolant, a serpentine belt, water, energy bars, blankets. The contents depend on the length of the trip and where you're going.
10. Have fun. You'll experience things a lot of people only dream of.