Friday, February 27, 2009

We've arrived!

After four days, 2100 miles, and a few thousand dirty diapers, we finally arrived in California! The moment we crossed into Cali, it hit me that this trip was actually going to end. We were going to arrive at the base, and start anew chapter in our lives. I knew we would, but it did not seem like a reality until I saw that "welcome to California" sign. Actually living in California had never set in as a reality.The prospect of picking up and moving across the country always seemed exciting, and while it is, it became terrifying when we arrived. Once I can get out and see the base, town, and (most importantly!) the beach, I will start to feel more at home. I cannot wait to get a house, settle in, and make some friends. I guess I am afraid of Emma and I becoming isolated.
David is currently checking in and HOPEFULLY finding out about housing! I have been praying all day that we can get into a house soon. I want to start feeling like we all belong here.
Overall, the road trip with baby went over well. By the last day, Emma had either gotten used to the car or given up on crying because she entertained herself with toys and talked to the toy hanging off of her carseat. Stopping every few hours wasn't as big of a hassle as I thought it would be and we were glad to have an excuse to take a break and stretch our legs. she came through the exoerience perfectly fine, and although I do not know if we would repeat the trip with more kids, it was defintiely worth the experience. However, there will not be any more road trips for a while.
Final road trip pictures will be put up later when David gets back! The SD card reader is in the car!