Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life is never simple with a complicated girl

My world has suddenly become a lot bigger. I am about to move across the country (from Indiana to California) with my husband and a new baby. I have lived in this small college town my whole life, not more than a phone call away from my parents or lifelong friends. I met my husband here, got married here, had my baby here. My daughter was baptized in the same church that I was baptized in, where I received First Communion, was confirmed and married. I have been lucky enough to have grown up with roots. I know that I will always have someplace to call home. However, it is time for me to leave this town and everything familiar in it for a new adventure.
My husband David is a Marine, and has recently augmented to active duty from the reserves. We are moving to Camp Pendleton, CA, and I couldn't be more excited because I've always wanted to live there. I am ready to leave the cold and snow of Indiana and spend a few years with palm trees and beaches. I will miss my family, friends, and actually have the change of seasons. (Johnny Carson was once quotes as saying you always knew it was winter in California when they replaced the green potted plants with brown potted plants). I will use what I learned while obtaining a bachelors degree in Family Consumer Sciences- Family and Child Option to raise my daughter and possibly return to the classroom in the future. For now, I plan on being a stay at home mom and continuing my job as a Pure Romance consultant, which I love. I figure it will be a good way for me to make money and to meet people. That's what I am worried about the most: meeting people. I am not into drama and bitchiness, and I have heard more than my fair share of stories about the drama and bitchiness that goes on between military wives. We really are our own worst enemies, but that's a completely different topic for another day.
My daughter Emma (the reason I started this blog) is 6 weeks old. Over the past 6 weeks, she has grown 2 inches, gained 2.2 lbs, and her head has grown at least 2 cm. She has started smiling and cooing to us. I can't believe that she's already growing so fast. Outfits she barely fit in are now becoming too small. Watching her grow is already bittersweet- I cannot wait for her to hit the next milestone, but I want to capture her at this young age. She is the most beautiful baby in the entire world, I never knew I could love someone this much. Every face and noise she makes melts my heart and cements the fact that having a child changed my life in the best way possible. My husband is an amazing father and I strive everyday to be an equally amazing mother. Through this blog, I want to keep a record of our lives together- the challenges and successes my family goes through and Emma's development (as well as that of other children we may have) along the way.