Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Trip Day #3

I thought that today was going to be boring, flat, and brown, but I was way off. New Mexico has to be the most beautiful state I have ever seen. I wanted to climb to the top of one of the plateaus and yell at the top of my lungs! The combination of the red dirt, purpleish bushes, and blue sky is absolutely breathtaking. And we actually saw tumbleweeds rolling across the road. half expected Bonnie and Clyde to go rushing by! We also saw a few wild dogs, which was pretty cool.
We traveled a shorter distance today, which was probably a good thing considering Emma was fussy when we started the trip. We took a couple more breaks than usual for feedings, diaper changes, and picture stops, and arrived much earlier than we have the past couple of days. I even had time to workout and sit in the hot tub at the hotel! Tomorrow we're going to go as far as we can, so it's going to be an extremely long day.
Emma is doing pretty well considering she has been strapped into her car seat almost constantly for the past few days! I think she's going to develop a fear of that thing for a while after this trip. I don't blame her. I love road trips, but I've had my fill of them for a while!
Normally, I would write more, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves today!

Random house in the middle of the desert

Gorgeous blue sky!
I never thought I would see this stuff in personOur altitude kept changing because of the plateaus and valleys.
The pressure changes really bothered Emma's ears.Giant metal aloe vera plant!

An almost perffect panoramic shot!