Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip Day #1

We started our cross-country road trip this morning. We were less than an hour late leaving (an accomplishment for me) and only had to leave 2 things at home. Unfortunately, one of those things was the stroller, so Emma is going to be riding in her sling for 2 weeks until my parents can bring the stroller! Ironically, after removing 2 large items from the packing list, we still almost didn't get in the car! Rule #1 of traveling with a baby: When the car is packed, running, and baby is inside, make sure a door is unlocked before closing it! If you don't, you'll have to wait 20 minutes for a locksmith to come and let you in! Luckily Emma slept the whole time, so she has no idea the potentially traumatizing event occurred. It's all material for the memoir anyway.
So after an hour of yelling and crying and one locksmith call, we were fi
nally on the road! The trip has been fairly uneventful so far. Emma was good for the first 8.5 hours, then screamed for the last 30 minutes. I think that's a pretty good car tolerance for a 2 month old! We're on part of Route 66, so watching the billboards and local ads is just as much fun as a feature film. Apparently, I really need to visit Meremac Caves, and Branson, and everyone traveling the road needs to know about the adult books stores and Jesus. Quite an interesting mix.
From a parent perspective, the trip has been fairly easy. We have been stopping every few hours to feed Emma and change her diaper, after which she entertains herself with her toys and falls back asleep. Since she's going to be traveling a lot in her life, getting into the groove now will be good for her in the future. I was annoyed when I got to a Subway for lunch, and there was no place to change her diaper! It's ridiculous that a major chain restaurant does not have a changing table in at least one of the restrooms! I ended up having to change her diaper on the front seat of the car, which is slanted and, since the door was open, really cold! Needless to say, we're not stopping at Subway anymore on this trip!
OK, I'm off my soapbox, its now time for pictures!

Add Image Goodbye Indiana!

Add Image Sleeping baby and crowded car

Pochahontas, IL- Home of country singer Gretchen Wilson

Really big bridge!

Pretty rocks in Missouri

Sci Fi channel, anyone?

On the road again.....

Fort Lost in the Woods, brought to you by the letter Y


Gorgeous sunset at the end of the day