Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Road Trip Day #2

"Cow..... 'nother cow....."
"No, I think that is the same one."
We spent today driving through what is known as tornado alley. (The billboard for "value homes: single and double wide" really made me giggle!) There was not as much to look at through Oklahoma and Texas, so I napped and read my large stack of books. Road trips always bring me back to my bookworm roots. There's nothing better than a country radio station and a good book on a long drive! While not particularly populated, Oklahoma is beautiful. The sky was a brilliant sapphire blue and the red dirt and green fields were breathtaking. I haven't seen that much color outdoors in months! At one point, I looked up and we were surrounded by huge windmills. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. As we hit Texas and the desert, however, things turned more brown and flat, and definitely lulled me into a nap.
Rule #2 for traveling with baby: Expect a really messy diaper when stopping for the night. Apparently, she does not like being dirty in the car, because Emma held it all in until she got out of the car seat. Boy did she let loose. She almost overflowed her diaper with baby poop, sending David diving for a towel to put under her to protect the hotel bed! And now, after having had a bath and a baby massage, she is ready for sleep and so am.

There was a professional fisherman staying in our hotel.
I was more excited by Tony the Tiger painted on his truck.Cool statue of Will RogersThe first of many casinosGorgeous Oklahoma landscapeHome, home on the range!Gigantic windmillTexas Longhorns rockers